Friday, 15 April 2011

The Wildcards Test !

Twitegi is buzzing at the moment as the riders get out for Free Practice ahead of the TwitGP2 race weekend. The wifi router still hasn't been set up at the track (thanks, Mary) so a full report can't be filed yet, but our trusty photographers @mikeevstog and @madmark99 have managed to send back these pictures of the three wildcard riders.

First up there's ACTUAL GP winner and TwitGP follower Jeremy McWilliams, @McWill99. We loved him from the moment he invented "Twirta", just so he could blag more paddock passes.

Isn't Jezza the quickest ever man on a 500 or something like that?

He's also bought his beloved Harley Davidson XR1200 along to test. Can't see this doing any good:

Looks more like a scrap yard than a motorbike.

Meanwhile, World Superbike BIG WIG Maxwellimillion Biaggi has been trundling around with a lofty opinion of himself, generally getting in people's way. For a change.

Literally nobody cheering. 

Finally, Mick Doohan has been doing plenty of press - or at least, judging by the blue paws, he's been getting his Avatar to do it while he stakes out the local, ahem, "after-hours clubs". Old habits die hard.

If Mick was in Avatar 2, that would be good.

Mick did however find time to unveil a SPLENDID livery earlier today. Remember the 40th Anniversary Repsol paint job used in Valencia in 2008? Well, it's the third anniversary of that, hence the tribute below:

At the time, Dani called the original "the most beautiful livery Repsol have ever done".

That looks the bomb doesn't it? Right down to the "t" for Twitter instead of an "r" for Repsol. Amazing.

More updates later.

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