Saturday, 16 April 2011

The Twig Girls

Right then, for those that haven't met our official Twig Girls yet, allow us to introduce:

Holly Jones, @holly_c_jones,  who describes herself as a "model of the future" and was once an ACTUAL grid girl for Hiroshi Aoyama. Amazing.

Then there's Jessica Impiazzi, @jess_impiazzi, who as you can see likes to put her eye make-up on before her trousers. She's taking time off from appearing on the front cover of Zoo in Australia and being an actress to be a TwitGP Twig Girl.

Finally, there's Emma K, @EmmaK46, who is also a pro grid girl in real life and can be found in both BSB and WSB paddocks. She is car and bike mad, and told us she likes pink

Meanwhile, in the interests of balance, here's a picture of Brad Twitt seen visiting the Twitegi garages just now:

And, by popular demand by @abbeybxx, here's Jorge looking handsome:

Everyone's a winner. 


  1. ooooooh i like me a bit of Brad Twitt!!

  2. Younger than Brad16 April 2011 at 17:13

    Erm, which bit?

  3. Is Jorge saying "hey you, do I look like I'm going bald?"