Tuesday, 5 April 2011


And so it begins - paddock passes have ALREADY been created for TwitGP2, and because of the democratic way we like to run things, EVERYBODY is entitled to one. (Suck on that, Dorna.) We find they make excellent profile pictures.

Eternal thanks to @Madmark99 for this one (we've still never, ever met him): 

Click it, save it, do with it as you see fit.

You'll note the plastic wallet, designed to keep the jpg dry in all conditions (it does tend to rain at Twitegi), and a gentle reminder that all this tomfoolery is in aid of our pals in Japan with the splendid Land of the Rising Sun motif. (Which reminds us of our favourite one liner: "I had a hot curry last night, now my clacker looks like the flag of Japan." You may use that.)

There's also this natty little number, by the excellent @iAmiAdam, who was out the traps quicker than Pedrosa and submitted it within MINUTES of TwitGP2 being announced:

Keep it in your wallet, next to photos of your loved ones.
We quite like the cool blue look, which is far classier than anything we could have come up with. We may get it tattooed on someone.


  1. If you need a tattooer...

  2. @TwitGP well i would never know if i had met you ;) .... unless you were wearing your race control pass :)
    Glad to be involved again.

  3. Nice Work on that Mark, very original!

  4. what aboot a clacker tattoo circled by the rings of ur'anus or in a rusty sheriffs badge for laguna seca (just a thought and i am suffering nightshift head) its all good craic guys

  5. Keep downloading the passes ... They are FREE and post some pics of you wearing some printed out, on twitter, would be very cool to see :)