Sunday, 10 April 2011

The Twitegi Trade Stalls

So, given Twitegi is a virtual race track, with a theoretically INFINITE infield (an INFINIELD, if you will), we thought we'd throw open the ground and let you pitch your own trade stalls ahead of the race on April 17.

The response was supreme, even by TwitGP's followers' standards. No over-priced chip vendors with congealed ketchup dispensers and tatty t-shirts under tarpaulin here (that's enough, Alliteration Ed). Oh no. Here are the best, which you'll of course be able to sample for yourselves, virtually:

- @chaosgerbil was first to set up shop - he told us "I do a good line in quality bubble wrap for any of the riders scared of falling off." This is a fantastic idea, just like those people at airports who wrap your suitcases up. IMAGINE seeing the riders spin round on those little turntables while @chaosgerbil wraps them. Amazing.

- @SirBlimelyWindy asked if he can "sell cans of air exhaled by Suzi Perry?" Well let's take it one stage further and use those cans of sweet, sweet Perry breath to power Twitegi's airhorns! Each parp will have a mild Wolverhampton accent, but the sound will render men weak at the knees. 

- TwitGP stalwart @DaveNeal has had an amazing idea - "I'll run the Dental Care stand if ya like - Tiger Tony, Casey and Hopper...a weekend's work right there!" He will, let's face it, be rushed off his feet, dealing with grins that look like the White Cliffs of Dover.
- @BillMcDonald123 has said he'll stock the beer mountain with "a million terabytes of booze". Hope that's enough - it's all free and dished out on a first tweet, first served basis.

- @Kay4652 has kindly offered, on condition that smacking is allowed, to monitor Twitegi's kindergarten, so that some of our more petulant riders literally (and by that we mean virtually) have somewhere to go and throw their toys out of the pram.

- @SofaRacer, one of our most consistently amusing followers, told us: "My stall will sell Elias LCR Honda TwitGP2 clothing and memorabilia. (though I don't expect it to move fast)". Classic set up and punchline there. Textbook. 

- @Blurow will be running a "shoe shop selling only Cuban heels, there has to be countless possible clients for them in the paddock?" Think we would all pay good money to see Dani skipping round the paddock in Cubans.

- @olliewoods, the WORLD FAMOUS in Southampton singer-songwriter says "I'll write songs based on the race and sell them on my stall...". Think about that for a second. Wouldn't it be just lovely if that happened in real life?
- the delectable @AmboClaire will be running the beer tent, except she calls it "a high class establishment complete with separate Pimms, Champagne & Ale houses!". @billyrobson is head barman - mention our name and he'll let you drink for free.
- @corner_botherer has had a FANTASTIC idea - a race team experience tent, so that us fans really get to see what it feels like to be one of the world's greatest motorcycle racers. "I'll provide a Yamaha team shirt to you, dress up as Mary Spies and shout at you.
- not STRICTLY a trade stall, but an important service nevertheless and worth repeating here: @Irish31769, our USAF figter pilot follower, callsign "Irish", asked "do we need a helicopter for dramatic video? I would fly it." We like to think he dramatically removed his RayBans in the middle of that message. "Hell yeah!", was our response, before doing that top-then-bottom high five thing.
TwitGP2 is already bigger and better than last year, and is becoming increasingly real thanks to your collective nuttiness. Good work folks.

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