Friday, 8 April 2011

Ducati Launch Desmosetweetci for TwitGP2

Thanks to the tasteful skills of @motorbikeaddict, Ducati are the first to show their colours for TwitGP2:

if you click it, it gets bigger

Bloody professional isn't it?! Many of us were worried how Twitter turquoise and red might have clashed, but this treatment has put our minds at ease.

Two things:
1) insert your own Bridgestone/snow/grip joke here.
2) this is the first livery we've seen for TwitGP2, but will it be the last?*

* please don't let it be the last

By the way, here's what @motorbikeaddict came up with for TwitGP1 - presumably this year Yamaha have to run without any Twitter sponsorship at all:

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