Friday, 15 April 2011

Twitegi 2011 - The Track

BEHOLD! Wannabe civil engineer @tiff_tv has reprofiled the world famous Twitegi track for TwitGP2 - and it looks INCREDIBLE. 

we had to get our fax working so he could send it

Good old @MadMark99 then got the felt tips out and created THIS. Take one look and try telling us you wouldn't want to go's well worth clicking and looking at the beauty of the full size version:

think we all know who'll have their eye on that lake...

We just hope it leads to some quality racing. And more to the point, we hope the asphalt dries in time. Here's the circuit guide, hand typed by Tiff Needell himself:

The new TwitGP layout is a dauntingly fast 2.4 mile anti-clockwise track laid out to prevent other riders taking unfair advantage of Valentino Rossi’s temporary inconvenience that hinders him braking for tight right handers. (surely this is bias? Ed)

All corners are named in respect of fallen heroes from days gone by - apart from Vale which lies deep in a valley. Hence the term Vale. I thank you. 

Sheene’s is wide and slightly banked so that a lowly grid position shouldn’t be too much of a penalty if you make a good start.

Arriving at over 200mph Hailwood is a simple ninety left followed fairly quickly by the very similar Ivy – both good on 2 wheels and 4.

Abe is a spectacular long right that leads into what else but the Dunlop Esses which plunge steeply downhill through the right handed exit that leads straight into the ever tightening Kato Corner.

Exiting steeply uphill the bikes will get plenty of air over Lenz Leap – thus providing a moment of weightlessness to ease any shoulder strains before the track flattens out for the tight Jones Hairpin.

From here back to the finish it’s time for the brave to get brave. Saarinen’s Switchback plunges the bike back downhill into first Hislop's and then Vale. Sweeping uphill you’ll need to be as courageous as Tomizawa to take his turn flat out and then it’s helmets down for the blast to the finish line ...

Tiff - the world of TwitGP is indebted. Particularly as you're so busy promoting your book at the moment ON EVERY RADIO SHOW IN THE WORLD EVER. 

By the way, if you can't get to Twitegi for some reason (unlikely, let's face it, all you need to do is sit in front of your computer at home), then here's a privileged view down the main straight: 



  1. Updated with the new details. And ready fot the graphics from madmark of course.

  2. Fantastic - it's track design like this that shows why Tiff is promoting his book so hard.

  3. Where is the expert pit lane reporter BIG NOSE Azi Farni. Two years in rally and one in Motogp and she's our expert. FK JOKE

    Another Joke is Gavin Emmett and senile Nick Harris who gets everything all wrong!

    You all deserve each other and are the reasons there is NO SPONSORS.

    Best regards,
    Manel Arroyo

  4. "ARE" no sponsors, you arse. Not "is".