Saturday, 16 April 2011

Castrol Honda Should Be Your Favourite WSBK Team

Some teams are made up of po-faced, humourless clots. Others JUST GET IT. Courtesy of the mighty @CastrolHonda, we can bring you THIS:

Click the ACTUAL rider. He won't mind.

Yes, that's actual @jonathanrea, pictured TODAY, in TwitGP colours, wearing TwitGP logos. Look at the pic on his laptop - cranked but giving it the V for Victory sign. The sooner this boy gets in MotoGP the better (we always thought that anyway, to be honest).

More to the point, look at that ridiculous double-decker hair-do in the background.

Imagine how much we DIED when we were then sent this ACTUAL evidence of Jonny, fresh from WINNING a World Superbike race just moments ago, TWEETING US:

bless his lovely little face
It took just a matter of seconds to find the Honda RCTweet that Jonny rode in Malaysia for a mysterious test back in December, and get @madmark99 to ship it over to Twitegi: 


  1. From now on, I'm feeding my kids nothing but Castrol.

  2. Yeah get over to MotoGP Jonathan, we need more exciting CRASHES!!!

    HAHAHA! Bet he goes down in Assen...

  3. Like the last GP race at Jerez wasn't packed with enough crashes... how soon they forget.