Saturday, 9 April 2011

Colin Tests TwitGP2 Bike!

@MikeEvstog has been camped out at a track since news of TwitGP2 broke, but his patience has paid off - he's able to bring us the FIRST EVER photo of a TwitGP2 bike testing. The man only ever referred to as "Colin", Colin "Colin" Colin, aka The Twixas Twitnado, is seen below:

well worth clicking

It looks, as the youth says, da bomb doesn't it? Like, proper proper mega. The TwitGP2 branding is subtle but gee whizz there's something powerful about the simplicity of the overall design.

Our technical guru, Alan Key, took time out from plugging his recent book to interpret the picture from a technical guru perspective - "Colin's M140 may be, in effect, Rossi's TwitGP bike from last year, but this picture clearly shows the tweet-handling chassis Yamaha pride themselves on is still a force to be reckoned with" he said, while scoffing some cake.

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