Tuesday, 5 April 2011

ACTUAL Tiger Paws!

When Casey Stoner started wearing gloves that looked like tiger paws, we started calling him Tiger Paws. Got that? Good. There's a picture of them HERE if you need to check. It's a chortlesome nickname and it instantly caught on amongst the TwitGP collective.

Now sit down, and breath deeply. Imagine how we felt when ace Dutch follower @_Joostk_ sent us THIS:

The Adventures of Tiger Boy AND his Real Tiger Paws? Are you shitting us?!
As you can imagine, we died. Then we got technical guru Alan Key to carbon date the picture, and kept our fingers crossed that it was genuine. "This could very well be the world's greatest ever example of life imitating art" he said, building his part.

Turns out IT IS. Because then we saw this:

Click and read, you beauties

...and we died again. An entire comic strip dedicated to promoting an old brand of Uniroyal tyres, called, with great prescience, Tiger Paws. It's not a bad read, either, although we guessed the ending.

Note to Bridgestone - where is YOUR comic? Hmm? Well? Where is it? (Suggested storyline: The Adventures of Bouncy the Tyre and His Disappearing Grip. Please somebody make this.)

UPDATE: Good ol' @Madmark99...

 UPDATE 2: Good ol' @DJMissFrenchie for finding A REAL TIGER PAW:

UPDATE 3: And then...we found this. We literally stopped breathing:


  1. Just trying to keep the world informed.

  2. DJmissfrenchie5 April 2011 at 22:30

    It's the stuff my TwitGP dreams are made of...

  3. Newsflash: Tiger Boy or is that Todger Boy Casey's HRC therapist has him stand quietly in a grey metal industrial locker with the doors closed to calm down, once inside on Sunday he went berserk causing it to fall over. Someone had lined the inside with pictures of goats! Cruel HRC LEAN focusing methodology! ChrisElliottQQ

  4. that is amazing!!! It's like it was written just for him!