Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Randy de Puniet is OK

TwitGP thought it was a shame that everyone had forgotten silken-chested Randy de Puniet broke his leg at the German GP, after Mika Kallio mistook an outstretched shin for a piece of track.

A fair few TwitGP followers had been asking us about his welfare so we used all the power at our disposal to write an email. Look, here's a picture of it:

Obviously, because TwitGP spends most of its time inventing make-believe games, we didn't expect a reply from an ACTUAL MotoGP team who are busy organising sponsors and logistics and satellites, or whatever it is satellite teams organise. Oh we of little faith:

LCR Honda are now our new favourite team.

To save you the trouble of visiting Randy's website, we did. And TwitGP harvested the following GENUINE sentences from its smooth-chested pages:

"Today I regularly see Doctor Achou, who follows the evolution of my convalescence." - DOCTOR ACHOU? Serious? (Knock knock. Who's there. Doctor Ach. Doctor Ach who? Yes, that's me.)

"I can’t stand following a GP on television." - Woah, go easy on the girl, she's new.

"I am now in Cannes to pursue my reeducation." - TwitGP has been to Cannes. The only thing it got re-educated about was Russian hookers.

"I keep doing everything to be back on my bike in Brno." - And here's a picture of him about to start doing everything with whom we assume is his crew chief:

 That's our boy. Good on ya Randy.


  1. awww bless him. so good to hear he's doing ok. He looks like he's getting special medication in the photograph...

  2. This is awesome!! TwitGP has made a step in to the real world and made some connection to the great rider Randy! Randy sure likes his sponsors ;)

  3. and what a lovely nurse he has! See, that's why we weren't worried. We knew he'd be in better hands than that guy who's sponsored by an economy car company. What good is a Fiat 500 for a 6' tall guy with a broken leg? I bet all the racers are wishing they had Playboy sponsorship now!