Wednesday, 4 August 2010

John Hopkins - Nothing But the Tooth

Imagine how funny it would be if the website belonging to shiny-toothed John Hopkins, a man whose mouth is home to not so much a Hollywood smile but a 1/10th scale model of the White Cliffs of Dover, carried adverts for cosmetic dental surgery.

Well imagine no more:

we have not made this up

We'd love to give Hopper the benefit of the doubt here, and say the former Kawasaki and Suzuki MotoGP man's blog has obviously been hacked, and it's purely coincidental that some errant trojan bot worm has chosen to fill the space with toothy-related spam.

But we won't.

It is after all, likely to be real.

IN WHICH CASE IT'S THE FUNNIEST DAMN THING EVER. Please excuse us while we laugh ourselves a hernia.

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