Wednesday, 4 August 2010

V Rossi, Bologna - not known at this address

Continuing our new game of acting like a REAL journalist (we got a reply from LCR Honda the other day, do keep up), here's a round-up of the day's exciting Rossi-going-to-Ducati events, which are becoming increasingly like an old French farce, and hence are fun to record for posterity:

First of all, Ducati CEO and professional blabbermouth Gabriele del Torchio was quoted as saying this:

lots of you liked this joke
Then Ducati typed out this ACTUAL unannouncement about Rossi joining them in 2011, which was presumably issued at a press nonference:

"whether AND when"? Shouldn't that just be "whether"?

del Torchio is SO the cranky old grandpa who blurts out inappropriate stuff in front of guests, making the rest of the family cringe...

Also - so-called "Cycle World" has nothing to do with cycling. We checked. And it makes us suspicious.

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  1. Thank God we can rely on TwitGP for real journalistic content.