Saturday, 2 July 2011

Can Simoncelli Control Animals?

During FP3 at Mugello this morning, the pun machine went into hyper-drive under our headline: Large Hare Nearly Causes Crash:

Phonetically at least, it wasn't the first time we'd heard that headline. But as @ianwheeler pointed out, was this A SIGN? Was Mother Nature herself dropping us an enormous hint that our beloved Hair was on for the win?

NO. It is simply yet more evidence of Simoncelli's mastery over the beasts. He is this sport's Dr Dolittle, and that's all the excuse we need to roll out these wonderful examples of Marco Simoncelli, Animal Lover:

A loveable furry creature staring at a camera, and a koala.

This next photo is excellent because the koala seems so shocked at a man eating eucalyptus leaves:

This is amazing because the big hairy cow thing also seems completely aghast by what's feeding it:

Here's an albino kangaroo who seems slightly disgusted:

And just when you thought no rider has ever been photographed alongside more animals, here he is again, hypnotising a calf while the calf's handler enjoys it just a bit too much:

If ANY sort of animal appears within the context of MotoGP again, we'll know who's behind it.

Although in fairness, there may be an accomplice:

"Release the beasts, Igor, it is time...!"...'yes, master...'