Monday, 27 June 2011

The Top 5 Homo-Erotic Riders' Covers

Riders is a wantonly stylish Italian bike magazine. Their most recent cover was this natty little number with Spies camping it up...timely for them given it now coincides with his first GP win:

Check out that eyebrow action. And the studs of course.

It isn't the first time the magazine has done something which could be said to appeal to the disco community. Here are their Top 5 covers, which are basically slow winks at the navy.

In at 5, it's Marco Simoncelli:

Cover says: "punk, rasta or nerd?"
Face says: "I want to ride in to you..."

In at 4, it's Kevin Schwantz:

Cover says: "Just one title, what a show"
Face says: "Wanna play footsie?"

In at 3 is Troy Bayliss:

Cover says: "The gladiator who's not afraid of anything, or anyone"
Face says: "Yes I tuck my t-shirt in. But do you fancy re-enacting the Thriller video?"

In at 2, it's 1981 500cc World Champ and former jail-bird (drugs, tsk) Marco Lucchinelli:

Cover says: "A life at the limit"
Face says: "Who's your daddy?"

And at number 1, it's big-nosed actor Adrien Brody:

Cover says: "The youngest Oscar winner in history, and sick of the R1"
Face says: "You can call me King Kong..."

In the interests of balance, we offer this: - worth seeing what they do next. Red Bull Rookies as The Village People?