Friday, 17 June 2011

MotoGP Kettles

In another of those ridiculous TwitGP flights of fancy that just seem to resonate with an enthusiastic followership, today has seen the birth of MotoGP Kettles. It started when we posted a picture of this high quality piece of official merchandise:

As ever, bringing you the hot topics in MotoGP.

We then invited the TwitGP collective to send in pictures of their own MotoGP tea-making facilities, because, after all, it was a Friday afternoon and it beat getting bogged down in a tedious debate about the quality of racing.

First to show was the splendid @izzymotogp with her Morphy-Rossi Rapid Boil:

This actually looks quite good, as far as kettles go.

It seems to use some of the GP11 bodywork with its high downforce winglets, so Ducati have obviously found another outlet for defunct, unproven stock in addition to Karel Abraham's team.

Then @SimonGallagher1 eloquently revealed that his "dad is gonna shit himself when he sees this badboy."

It is, indeed, a badboy.

Well known wit, raconteur and paddock exile @ianwheeler then told us that despite a demographically-aware marketing campaign, he still had some Ant West kettles left over (which always stay upright even on wet surfaces, de dum tish):

Ian used to be a busy man.
Ian followed this up by finding a kettle belonging to Moto2 rider Tom Tutti Frutti Luthi (so called after The Grand #MotoGPsweets Affair, tm). In Ian's eyes, Tom's Swiss origins mean he likes milk. We're not going to argue as it means we all now get to say Tom Tutti Frutti Mootea Luthi:

Now say "Tom Tutti Frutti Mootea Luthi" out loud.
The appropriately-named @mikenco showed off his handiwork with a Lorenzoccino coffee machine, and, reflecting the duality of the rider, told us it "makes both good and bad coffee."

You'd think that would be it. How could there possibly be people left who still wanted to make kettle-based fun out of MotoGP? Step up @sofaracer:

"The Toni Elias" made us laugh like a drain. As did @sofaracer's next MotoGP Kettle, "The Marco Simoncelli":

"fast, but not reliable..."
And STILL, they kept coming. This from @ItsMissMell:

This from @Cormac46, risking the wrath of his mother:

And finally this from @nicklunac, who is ACTUALLY in Texas with this Colin Edwards edition:

Madness, utter madness. But perhaps not quite as mad as the $1298 Ben Spies coffee machine that started this all off.


@sofaracer just realised he ACTUALLY owns this:

words fail us

While @elefantmans points out Clinica Mobile are also in on the act:

Is there a pullover-wearing doctor in the house?