Friday, 22 July 2011

The Best TwitGP Thing Ever: Back in Training

Right, you know the story by now. Hyperfan @soopersic has been taking pictures at Laguna Seca of both riders and other famous MotoGP people with TwitGP paddock passes. Well brace yourself - because this next batch is REALLY where the magic happens.


In at Number 5, and let's face it none of us are worthy, it's only the bloody three times World Champion, Wayne Rainey!

See how he THRUSTS the pass towards the camera with PRIDE

In at Number 4, it's a man who's sired more motorcycle racers than any other human being - Earl Hayden!

When you get the fathers of world champions involved in this, you probably think it'll never be topped.

Oh ye of little faith.

Do not underestimate the power of TwitGP, Luke. ACTIVATE THE MOTHER!

Oh yeah, Momma Spies is at Number 3! Believe it! Let's skirt round the fact that Mary seems to be flipping the bird - probably force of habit or something.

And now it's time for Number 2. And this is a really special one. When we started TwitGP, never in our wildest dreams did we expect that this made-up flight of fancy would reach BOARDROOM LEVEL. We have come to the attention, nay THE VERY HANDS, of HRC Vice President, R&D Ops boss and MotoGP chief, Nakamoto-san!

Obviously he is pictured here in an exercise session at the California State Penitentiary, and we hope the cutest of all the Japanese executives is released soon.

And so to Number 1. What could possibly represent the summit of this Everest of fun? know what they say, a jpeg's worth a thousand characters.

 The Best Person to Ever Hold a TwitGP Pass is...


Now, we know what you thinking. "Surely, TwitGP, that picture represents disdain personified? Just look at the sneer. He's holding it like somebody holds soiled underpants." WRONG. Looks can be deceiving. @soopersic informs us he was a bloody good sport about it all and just moments after this shot was taken the little fella was giggling warmly. Dani, you've just earned yourself a one month amnesty from any TwitGP ridicule.

And that's that. Frankly, it's easier to list the people who HAVEN'T got a TwitGP pass, but here are a few more which we have recorded for your indulgence:

Carmelo Ezpeleta, head of the rival series to TwitGP, "MotoGP".
hubba and indeed hubba
cult knitwear lover, Dr Coffee!

Eddie, being steady.

Guy Coulon, who shares a wig-maker with Simoncelli


this lot were the only ones who didn't want to play
Furusawa. Respect is due.
Your first ever TwitGP champion.

hello, Slovenian Pop TV cameraman

yet another Ducati markccchhanichistio who seems nice

yes, you may come through

sorry, no vests or trainers...or guns

one in, one out mate, we're full

got any other id, son?
Livio, undoubtedly en route to another nutritious fag

welcome, new man!

Elena Myers, getting her racing career off on the right foot

COLIN'S ACTUAL DAD - Colin "Colin" Colin Sr
Team Karel

COLIN'S ACTUAL WIFE, Alyssia "Colin" Colin
Lorenzo's urbane and suave manager, Marcos
El Enigmaristo
Your reigning World Champ
Hector, Jorge's press guy
ciao ciao
ahh, ma AND pa
the most famous friend in the world
literally blue collar Dorna peeps
The new Ian Wheeler seems nice. And neat.
ACTUAL @birtymotogp (Union Jack shorts not pictured)
Melissa Paris - hot
Matt Roberts, a man with sunglasses for every occasion 
might get wet

these boys can't get enough
excellent use of the "vote for me" hand symbol
the sexiest of all the snappers
ciao Laura
Carlo hoping this will work in the local gentleman's club too

look closely - amazing

Obviously we knew all these people had TwitGP passes, we just didn't realise they kept them about their persona at all times.

And finally, the inspiration for Valentino's audacious overtake on Casey through the dirt in 2008 has finally been revealed - the TwitGP symbol shone there, like some kind of Bat Signal:


Soopersic is now our favourite and will never be beaten.