Friday, 22 July 2011

The Other Best TwitGP Thing Ever

You've already seen the sterling work of @soopersic here, where she asked various ACTUAL MotoGP riders to produce their TwitGP passes for inspection, kind of like a security check (we assume). Well guess what? It ain't just riders that seem to be card-carrying members of the TwitGP collective. Oh no.

For example, Tech 3 ACTUAL team boss Swervy Hervy Poncharal is giving us the big "j'approuve" right here:

Just consider that for a second. A real MotoGP boss at a real race weekend holding a made up pass to a virtual race. And yet STILL people don't get the power of social media.

OK, stop considering it now. We've got more of @soopersic's pics to get through. You, like us, probably thought the mastermind of Valentino Rossi's successes, Jerry "Jeremy" Burgess, wouldn't have time to be pictured today as he'd be too busy working out what on EARTH the boys did to the bike last week. WRONG.

By the way, JB's doing a terrible job of smuggling that packet of Marlboros isn't he? Anyway, not to be outdone in the Coolest Crew Chief stakes, the thoroughly splendid Ramon Forcada took time out from engineering Jorge and tweeting provocative pictures to join in:

"Steaks? Did someone say steaks?" No Tom. But thanks for playing anyway by WEARING your TwitGP pass:

Shame Ben's crew chief didn't have his red and white anniversary shirt on, because that looks waaaay cooler. Oh.

Time for some glamour. Ladies and gentlemen, look past the obvious and delight in the happy-go-lucky Alberto Puig being pictured with TwitGPness!

Where's the wally? Click to enlarge.
It was at this stage that Ducati really upped their game and waded in by proving their multiple TwitGP memberships.We give you Matteo, the most handsome data guy in the world, Vito the test-rider-team-manager, and failed bus mechanic Mr Ellen Briggs. Who needs Valentino when you've got that triumverate of laptops, sideburns and spanners?

Even Vale's personal manager Davide Brivio is in on it, seen here taking a rare breather between espressos:

Satellite representation in our ranks is, frankly, poor. So praise be for this, the first ever picture ON RECORD of Cal mechanic Steve Blackburn:

BREAKING - Suzuki head honcho Paul Denning, the only team boss to ever offer us a discount on an exhaust, is now one of us and literally DOUBLES the amount of team bosses playing along: 

Woah. make that TREBLE, courtesy Mr Lucio Cecchinello. Who seems to have matched his shirt to our pass:

Representatives of the media took time out from hacking everyone's voicemail to demonstrate where their loyalties really lie, both in the form of the delectable Azi Farni...

...and the somewhat less delectable Gavin Emmett.

Tell you what though, Gavin is probably the funniest, smartest writer in the business so if anyone wanted to offer him, for example, a column or a book deal which took a "sideways glance" at the sport we'd he'd be well up for it. We imagine. Just guessing like. 

Right. That's it for now. We need to mop up the excitement which we're covered in before bringing you the third, final and most BLOCKBUSTING part of this amazing photostory. We're defo talking The Dark Knight Rises rather than Police Academy 3: Back in Training so don't worry. In the meantime, give some love to @soopersic and thank her for doing all this.