Thursday, 21 July 2011

The Best TwitGP Thing Ever

We'll cut to the chase - @MadMark99, high visibility vest-wearing riding instructor by day, and Photoshop wizard by day also, designed some cracking Access All Areas passes for TwitGP2. Now, thanks to a few intrepid followers, these PRIZED ARTEFACTS are ACTUALLY being ACTUALLY used in ACTUAL Laguna Seca. Behold!

Our Woohoo Klaxon first sounded when we saw TwitGPness appearing at the top of the famous and fearsome Corkscrew, courtesy of the magnificent @rovingbubs. It's a truly delicious rofl, covered in chocolate sauce and syrup.

Then the incredible @soopersic took THIS:

Yes, that's ACTUAL Nicky Hayden holding his special RIDER pass. Now that's attention to detail. And thankfully it means he'll be able to ride this weekend of course. We'll address the fact he has mysteriously un-suntanned hands another time, because for now we have to continue down the paddock to show you this:

Look how nicely the pass matches the excellent 50th Anniversary colours! Swoon. We heart you Ben. And do you know what, as sure as night follows day, where a fast rider goes Hector Barbera is sure to be close behind:

But we know what you're thinking. "Barbera schmarbera. Show us The Hair." OK, if you insist. As Obama said when his boys used Bin Laden for target practice, "we got him."

Our favourite thing about this picture is that the barnet is clearly now so weighty that he can't keep his head straight. Also, and this is one for the trichologists amongst you, how long before the hair starts growing down? Why does it only grow upwards? WHY ISN'T THE HAIR SHOULDER LENGTH?

Anyway, do keep up, @soopersic is continuing to show us round the paddock. Oh look, here's Karel Abraham, who has come to Laguna in the style of the 1970s:

And now here's Randy and Loris, practising Pramac's environmentally friendly policy by sharing a pass and thus cutting valuable CO2 emissions from the laser printer.

What this game needs is some British interest...Boom!

Although it has to be said we're marking this picture down because the pass itself is badly exposed. Check out the Frankenstein arm pump scars though - #nails.

Like many others in MotoGP, @soopersic has also been able to catch up with Toni Elias:

While Aoyama seems to be wearing some sort of fake pass - can somebody tell security? Thanks.

Top Suzuki is Alvaro Bautista. He also wins the prize for most enthusiastic endorsement:

Hi Dovi. Nice ink.

And now...calm yourselves...the one you've all been waiting for...YOUR REIGNING TWITGP CHAMPION OF THE WORLD (2011), Mr Colin "Colin" Colin!

On the basis of what we've seen here, readers, Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo have NOT been pictured with the correct accreditation and so will NOT be racing this weekend. Harsh we know, but rules is rules.

By the way - this is merely half the story. A second blog will reveal the REAL MEAT. In the meantime, please raise a glass to @soopersic and her tireless efforts.