Sunday, 25 April 2010

TwitGP Awards and Thanks and Hugs

TwitGP was an amazing success because an extremely large amount of people were willing to have a bit of fun. It was an entirely collaborative process – we never knew how the TwitGP crowd were next going to influence the event's evolution and practically every hour we were surprised. As @RaveDave4623 quite rightly pointed out, “this is the best use of anything, ever”.

It's risky to single individuals out because we're so grateful for EVERYBODY'S encouragement – but @weeyin13, @DJMissfrenchie and @suzannehutton were early adopters who got into the spirit of things and helped spread the word, a lot.

MCN Sport editor @guyprocter a) writes a bloody good mag, and b) was the first journalist to twig this could get big. His support from the word go brings a tear to our eye.

Actual MotoGP riders Jorge Lorenzo (@lorenzo99) and Nicky Hayden (@nickyhayden69) also deserve massive plaudits for taking us by surprise and sending funny tweets when we least expected it. To be honest, we REALLY REALLY love them for it, and hope they both come joint first in every MotoGP race from now on.

Now, there seem to be a few gold envelopes before @TwitGP – who feels an Award Ceremony coming on?

The “HE CAN PHOTOSHOP ANYTHING AWARD” goes to @madmark99, a fine fellow who we've never met but who got the TwitGP vibe perfectly.

The “WE CAN'T BELIEVE HE DID IT AWARD” goes to @tiff_tv, for designing the Twitegi which produced such a fantastic race. Are you taking notes, Hermann Tilke?

The “HOPE HIS BOSSES WEREN'T WATCHING AWARD” goes to @gemmett, who at one stage even tweeted race reports while manfully slaving over a barbeque.

The “HOUSEWIVE'S CHOICE” goes to @mattnroberts from the BBC. One day we may reveal the extraordinary scenario he found himself in while tweeting during Practice. PLEASE FOLLOW HIM NOW, he's tops. We mean it.

The "TWIT GP HONORARY DOCTORATE" goes to failed bus mechanic @alex__briggs, who despite living in a frightfully unhelpful timezone made the effort to get up in the middle of the night and take part in all the fun and games. His wit and wisdom are second to none. Oh, and he's also Valentino Rossi's ACTUAL spanner man. FOLLOW HIM NOW because he tweets from within 46's MotoGP inner circle, which frankly is an awesome thing.

Then, of course, are the two co-conspirators.

The “PUTTING MUSE INTO AMUSE AWARD” goes to Communications Director @TwitGPpr, who did more than you'll ever know and is the only thing that makes @TwitGP giggle every single day. Actually, make that every single hour.

And finally, the “BEST FRONT-GAL AN INTERNET PHENOMENON COULD WISH FOR AWARD” goes to @suziperry, whose knowledge & enthusiasm about all things bike racing and Twittery is unimpeachable. We owe you.

We're off to the Twit d'Azure for a bit, but we'll be back. Do stay tuned, we'll need you. Cheers.

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  1. Great to be involved in this awesome fun 1st ever virtual MotoGP, thanks for the mention, i loved adding some images to the brilliant commentary. And thanks to all the brilliant comments from the TwitGP fans too.
    Heres to the next one,