Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Haha! Look at the funny foreign names!

It has just occurred to us that MotoGP team names are dullsville. Consider the crushing corporate overtones of "Repsol Honda", or even the meaningless and wantonly French "Tech 3 Yamaha". Pah.

So hats off to the exotic efforts who took part in the Suzuka 8 Hour race last weekend. Did you SEE some of those names? No? Well fear not, we have kindly selected the top 10 right here for you. (And yes, we know this is a bit like The Boy Who Cried Wolf, but these are all legit and taken from the official, and very wide, entry list. Promise promise.)

10. Marvel at the gangster insect connotations of: TELURU HOMEY BEE Racing

9. Snigger like a school-child at: MOTO BUM and ISHIGAKI ISLAND UMINCHU

8. What's the trickiest type of dog-based animal to race against? That's right, it's the: TEAM FRONTIER CLEVER WOLF RACING TEAM (excellent use of the word "team" twice there)

7. What's not a very scary at all type of animal to race against? The: DOGFISH O-TEC SUZUKA RACING YIC

6. Want to sound like a clue from The Da Vinci Code? Simply call your team: PLOT FARO PANTHERA

5. Strike fear into the heart of your opponents by describing how you will ruin their hair: CONFIA H.M.F Like a wind

4. Strike fear into the heart of your opponents by brazenly advertising your day job: HITMAN TKm with SYULLA 

3. Who invited the DJ and Euro-dance act?: MITO MOTO & e'freaks

2. Take a deep breath, commentator-san: Bull Docker TAGOS x HALUMOTO SHOWHEI RIDE

1. And finally, our favourite. Even these guys like a bit of wanton Frenchnosity every now and again, but please, resist the snail's pace gags: Honda ESCARGOT

Meanwhile, over in Japan, bloggers are rolling on the floor laughing at how dishonourable "Yellow Pages Ducati" sounds.

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  1. This from the nation that gave us the Nissan Cedric and the Mazda Bongo Friendee.