Thursday, 29 July 2010

Karel Abraham Has Something Else Bought For Him

Karel Abraham, who is richer than you, is set to buy his perennially non-achieving Moto2 rider of a son, Karel Jr, a space station.

(l-r) Karel Abraham, Karel Abraham
“Karel has always wanted to be an astronaut, but has neither the training nor talent to achieve this”, said Brno owner Karel Sr. “But I can bypass those inconvenient facts by buying everything he needs. Soon he'll be able to slowly orbit the earth not setting lap records, until he gets bored and decides he wants something else, like a pony”.

Abraham Jr's mother, Carol Abraham, is said to be supportive of the ludicrously expensive and futile initiative. “It's certainly no madder than buying him a Ducati MotoGP bike to campaign in 2011”, she said, sighing.