Friday, 23 April 2010


We had hundreds of ‘virtual quotes’ entered into our Rossi shirt competition, thanks guys! Unfortunately we couldn’t publish them all but here are the winners and runners up, as well as a few ‘highly commended.’ Congrats!

In first place, and the WINNER of an ACTUAL team shirt signed by Valentino Rossi and courtesy of the Fiat Yamaha Team, it’s…

@the_mcevoy LORENZO: “I am trying hard to remember it isn’t a real race. I broke three laptops in practice by sticking a flag through the screens!”

Well done, we love it! The two RUNNERS-UP will get their hands on a beautiful copy of Motocourse, courtesy of the lovely oil people at Fuchs-Silkolene ( Here they are…

@dunc_b – HAYDEN: “The Desmosekeyboard has a pretty savage return key. I keep sending premature tweets out of the corners.”

@TraceyMcGarvey – ROSSI: “I have terrible pre-race twitters, I hope there is no chattering between commas or running wide between parentheses.”

And here are a few more we thought worth sharing with you. Well done to all!

@katelynelders – LORENZO: “My bike is in safe mode to ensure I make it to the end without crashing.”

@racephoto – STONER: “Our wi-fi signal is inconsistent; we filed a protest against Simoncelli’s hair being used an interference device”

@dodgyempire – JB to VR: “Stop trying to email, TWITTER me!”

@ValentinoMossy – STONER: “I think we are going to suffer a bit with the electronics this weekend, the anti-spam control won’t let me take full control.”

@Stuhing – SUZUKI: “After poor Friday lap times, we’ve upgraded the package to 16gb of ram…air induction.”

@ChrisJonnum – BURGESS: “TwitGP is okay, but I miss the days before electronics took over racing.”

@madmark99 – ALEX BRIGGS TO VR: “Have you tried switching it off and on again?”

@twosheds46 – ROSSI: “For this weekend we need to sort out the electrics for sure. Popups are still a problem at the start.”

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