Thursday, 22 April 2010


Today is @TwitGP Press Conference day. Hosted by none other than @nickharrismedia, here are the quotes from the riders so far…

BIAGGI: “Please tell Doohan to stop GLARING at me”.

ROSSI: “Montezemelo says for sure I could do TwitF1 with Ferrari but I am very ‘appy with TwitGP, whatever the papers are saying this week!”

LORENZO: I just saw my Twitbike in my box, It looks so strange. So many electronics.. the engine is electric!!” > THE ONLY ACTUAL TwitGP quote, courtesy @lorenzo99 himself

SCHWANTZ: “Gee I wish we could turn all the electronics off. But then everyone would be looking at blank screens I guess.”

SPIES: “I've had to change my style completely from TwitWSBK...woah, hang on, check out Colin's screensaver...”

EDWARDS: “Check out these puppies I downloaded earlier...Oh, you said TWITS? My bad.”

PEDROSA: “Ohlins has given my bike lots of chatter. The last thing I need on top of that is a load of Twitter. I am not hopeful.”

DOOHAN: “I haven't come here to give you all a cute desktop picture opportunity. I'm here to WIN.”

DePUNIET: “un deux trois quatre cinq six sept tweet neuf dix. DE-DUM-TISH! Merci beaucoup, I'm here all wee

HAYDEN: “Hell I grew up on typewriters, I love to feel a keyboard move around underneath me. But we'll give it our best shot. Dude.”

KALLIO: “Sorry, how does this actually work again?

CAPIROSSI: “I'm not a fan of TwitGP's restrictions. Just 140 characters may save costs but does it improve the show?”

MELANDRI: "After several demoralising crashes I have no confidence, wish I'd stuck to a Mac." (RELAX, PC Fans, it's a JOKE!)

BAUTISTA: “I was good on a Twee50cc bike so I'm sure I'll be good on a TwitGP bike. Although really it depends what they type.”

SIMONCELLI: “I'm treating TwitGP just like every other time I ride a MotoGP bike, which is why I intend to disappoint everyone hugely"

ESPARGARO: “It's ...GARROW. Like barrow. How many more times?”

BARBERA: “We've lost our direction on the setting to be honest. Probably because we adjust the suspension by double-clicks at a time.”

DOVIZIOSO: “I'm not happy with the overall package HRC have given me. The monitor is too small and there aren't any speakers.”

STONER: “Sure I'm affected by a mystery virus but it's no use crying over spilt milk. I'll just take the next 3 races off. Bite me.”

AOYAMA: "We just don't know whether it will be the soft, medium or hard drive which will last the full race distance"

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