Thursday, 31 March 2011

Colin and a load of bull

Idiotic pre-race public relations stunts hit new levels of idiocy today, as some of the riders went to learn how to bullfight. Seriously. 

"How did you injure your shoulder?"
"In a motocross accident. How did you get those massive, artery-severing gashes in your thighs?"

Bulls are actually colour-blind.

It reminded us of a similar exercise Colin "Colin" Colin did a couple of years ago, pictured above. Some observations:
1) Despite being separated from his beloved .50cal, Colin actually looks like he's in control of the situation.
2) He has Dani hidden away under that sheet. SURPRISE!
3) Those horns are now affixed to the front of Colin's motorhome.
4) Following the success of this pr exercise, Colin now hunts each grand prix's national animal prior to every race, eg at Silverstone he hunts foxes, in Japan he hunts whales, and at Assen he hunts clogs. 
5) You don't get this in World Superbikes.


  1. Does he Hunt Wombat or Kangaroo in Australia?

  2. Nuh, I reckon he'd hunt drop bears in Australia :-p

  3. Nah, Philip Island means he hunts penguins!

  4. What's the chance that France means hunting pussy...cats!