Monday, 2 May 2011

The Best MotoGP Quotes of 2011

Thanks to the fact we have Dictaphones everywhere, we're able to bring you some exquisite audio highlights from recent MotoGP contretemps. They sum up very nicely the especially edgy atmosphere of this season. We look forward to adding to them as the year goes on.

First up is, of course, the phrase that has now come to define a generation, courtesy of happy-go-lucky Casey Stoner, talking to Valentino Rossi in Jerez:

  "Your talent outweighed your ambition..." - Stoner speaks! by TwitGP

Track 2 on this impromptu TwitGP album is from the Estoril press conference, where Jorge Lorenzo criticises Marco Simoncelli's aggressive riding style:

I will be arrested... by TwitGP

File/save as/ringtone.

We particularly like the mature reaction of the journalists. If that clip isn't number 1 in some sort of iTunes chart by the end of the day, then something is seriously wrong, readers.

Next are the highlights from the pre-race press conference at Le Mans, involving Colin Colin first, and Jorge Lorenzo later. It seems both riders and journalists were engaged in some sort of world record attempt to use the word "pussy" as much as possible:

  Pussy by TwitGP

You don't get that in F1, no matter how many DRS wings they build.

And next a little number from the new, improved Dani Pedrosa, now available with added cojones. Listen to him dish it out to Simoncelli at the pre-event press conference at Mugello, even though he was sitting RIGHT NEXT TO HIM. Awkward. Sic takes a swipe right back, and manages to include Pedrosa's evil overlord Puig in the rebuke too. Classic.

  On his head there is nothing but hair... by TwitGP